Friday, November 18, 2011

Linkage roundup

Some reading material for you from my twitter stream:

Italian default scenarios by Credit Writedowns -- The situation in Italy is getting worse. 
Doubline Emerging Markets Income Fund Presentation. Good emerging market review
RT @BrazilFinance: m'fer... RT @zerohedge: Presenting Europe's Remaining 2011 Bond And Bill Auctions... All 104 Of Them
RT @thenewstribune: Crystal plans to open Friday, but #WhitePass and The Summit at #Snoqualmie in wait-and-see mode: -- ski season opens early in the Pacific Northwest. Go global warming!
Social media decision tree
Interbank credit stress examples #2,346 and 47 -- Until these stop rising I'm not getting bullish.
Spain/Germany spreads at fresh highs -- not good
RT @AlephBlog: Europes liquidity crisis The spread on senior unsecured bank debt measures EZone financial credit stress: high now $$
RT @EpicureanDeal: Spot on: "The hiring of Chelsea Clinton doesnt so much debase... TV news... as reveal its true value."
RT @niubi: A Desperate Apartment Seller In Beijing | Sinocism
RT @PragCapitalist: OECD: LEADING INDICATORS POINT TO SLOWING GLOBAL GROWTH: Just in case Europe didnt have you feeling uncertain e...
Chinese ghost cities get really wierd:
Now the WSJ gets bullish on munis: I've been bullish a while, still holding $MUB
RT @creditplumber: Great little 18min TED video about lie spotting by Pamela Meyer. via @Ritholtz
RT @pdacosta: Big Obama donor got no-bid $433 mln contract to supply experimental drug for threat that may not exist h/t @AdamPSharp
RT @BergenCapital: $MSG - a lost NBA season is about 100mm of EBITDA off of $MSG (40% of FY 2012 EBITDA)
Skullcandy $SKUL keeps unloading inventory via Groupon. The latest:
Time lapse video of Earth from space station. Very beautiful!
RT @stlouisfed: New data available on FRED: Indexes on housing affordability from the National Association of Realtors
RT @thetailchaser: USD 3m Libor fixings. It seems some institutions r getting squeezd out of the market. Takin other institutions w/ them
How much more can the ECB buy?
RT @ritholtz: Joke of the day: The Italian debt crisis is now being renamed Lehmancello $$
RT @izakaminska: Another brilliant blog from Lew Spellman
How you fail is important and continually praising kids for 'being smart' can backfire.
RT @PragCapitalist: IS THE CHINESE PROPERTY MARKET COLLAPSING?: Despite all the clamoring over a new recession, it looks like the U....
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