Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Linkage roundup

Some reading material for you from my twitter stream:

http://t.co/vXWLZxuV - Italy near tipping point of increased margin requirements. I'm not the only one talking about this
RT @zerohedge: Hugh Hendry says he has made bets that will deliver a 40-to-1 return if the ECB cuts rates below 1% next year http://t.co/PAv4msUK
RT @edwardnh: The fact Greece's exit from euro has been discussed openly is seismic shift http://t.co/QVaWF7si
I'll get bullish when this stops going up. http://t.co/6vmUhc60
97% of family businesses don't make it past the 3rd generation http://t.co/MZAwrwRK
RT @FGoria: MT @M_McDonough: Italian CDS implying, country may be at risk of losing its investment grade status: http://t.co/mIVWCwkk
RT @mbusigin: Note that we did work on this in August, which gave us a different (bullish) signal: http://t.co/ivxLrhzB
RT @mbusigin: The few times realised volatility has eclipsed implied volatility, it presaged large declines: http://t.co/zTRw4ZDE
RT @edwardnh: Greece gets ultimatum: accept austerity plan or forgo extra bailout cash | Business | The Guardian http://t.co/DZSOBkDY -- Greece later backed down.
RT @edwardnh: France and Germany to withhold aid, Greece to be ejected http://t.co/WtNwsF6M #in $$ 
Greek referendum provides political cover http://t.co/MFDzDUCk
RT @PragCapitalist: THE GREEK REFERENDUM AND THE ROLE OF DEMOCRACY: I set off a bit of a firestorm on Twitter this afternoon when I ... http://t.co/O8GZFHvQ
New international bond etf's for Germany, Canada, and Australia $aud $cad $bund http://t.co/OemicVIk
Balestra Capitals Matthew Lucket Talks Gold, Deleveraging Story, and China Credit Problem http://t.co/9vGl387V @historysquared

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