Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Linkage roundup

Some reading material for you from my twitter stream:

RT @edwardnh: Why the latest eurozone bail-out is destined to fail within weeks - Telegraph http://t.co/sgj8HQcn
RT @credittrader: GReader: The Global Moral Hazard Dawns: Merkel Says "It Must Be Prevented That Others Come Seeking A Haircut" As... http://t.co/Tjd22kbQ
RT @theanalyst_hk: $$ Jim Chanos: Not Impressed By The Europeans, And Still Shorting #China http://t.co/OvdXeWIr #economy #europe
RT @JackHBarnes: Chart of the Day: North Dakota Annual Oil Production: http://t.co/lUWOqWst -- need to do more research myself on shale oil
Transfer payments over time in US http://t.co/sxiw6sF8
RT @zerohedge: And Now, For Some Semblance Of Sanity, Here Is One Hour Of Hugh Hendry http://t.co/5A5Jwgxu -- separate post on this soon(tm)
CITI: Failure To Trigger Greek CDS Could Cause The Whole Euro Bailout To Fall Apart http://t.co/TLDjUF7L -- be careful what you wish for
Meanwhile in China a swan finally takes flight... http://t.co/Z8w40PKd -- Condo prices are falling hard.
RT @AlephBlog: Fannie Squeezing Banks Makes 4% Mortgage a Mirage, Hinders Housing Rebound http://t.co/BKikceRX Higher lending standards fight lower rates
RT @AlephBlog: Money managers and commodities, the case against http://t.co/ynsn1qT3 Graph shows $$ managers drove commodity prices http://t.co/eNKE3nFA
RT @andrewyorks: *EU LEADERS CALL FOR BANKS TO HAVE 9% CORE CAPITAL LEVEL ok move that dial on the upper left to 9 http://t.co/WHLMk6Dm -- should be interesting when taking haircuts on Greek debt.
Skyscraper taller than any in London or Tokyo opens in Chinese village of 2000. http://t.co/IvHoRw4j #thiswillnotendwell
Underground bank lending in China - NPR - http://t.co/677IPKYK
RT @historysquared: $$ The cash commodity trading firms that account for 1 trillion in annual revenue 50% of all transactions http://t.co/TqTvhHM1
RT @ftasia: Iron ore plummets to 15-month low: As Chinese steel mills cut production, the price of iron ore dropped 7.2 per ... http://t.co/RVfC48zy
Blackberry outage made roads safer. http://t.co/agSNxNGX

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