Monday, December 5, 2011

Twitter Linkage roundup

Some good links and tweets from my twitter stream:

RT @QuoteJunkie: "To Avoid Criticism, Do Nothing, Say Nothing, And Do Nothing." - Elbert Hubbard #Quotes
Stunning @BrazilFinance: Anyone who has doubts EU is a failure should read this:
RT @ForexLive: ForexLive: Fed swaps with ECB nearly $900 mln
I know I'm repeating myself, but these charts are going the wrong way if you are bullish: 
Skullcandy's Groupons are creeping up to higher and higher priced inventory First $59 deal $SKUL %SKUL
RT @tomkeene: Europe's shrinking money supply flashes slump warning - Telegraph supply doesn't matter...right.
RT @OpenSecretsDC: What companies have your lawmakers personally invested in? Find out in our congressional wealth database: #tcot #ows
RT @relevantorgans: How can 23 yr old son of a lifelong public servant drive a red Ferrari? The magic of socialism! Now shut up and dig.
RT @Uldis_Zelmenis: Hit of the day by Citi: For 35 years post WW2 real returns on debt were negative. The negative returns in th (cont)
Falling Chinese home prices
A snippet on Hugh Hendry's recent trading strategy
RT @theanalyst_hk: Seriously, how could I be bullish?
LED bulb benefit/cost at inflection point #yesiamageek
@BadassoftheWeek swimming lessons

How much better can it all get? ---- Looking at whether all the good/bad news is out
RT @jennyandteets: Guys, know who likes to hear about your fantasy football team? Your fantasy girlfriend #yourekillingme -- I have enough problems with the real world, I don't need to stress about my fantasy life as well.

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