Thursday, July 7, 2011

North Korea watch -- look out for some sabre rattling?

North Korea is rumored to have recently closed all universities and put the students to work:
The reports said the students would be put to work on construction projects in major cities and on other works in a bid to rebuild the economy. This could indicate that the country’s food crisis and economic problems are worse than previously thought.
Combined with reports of additional EU aid it appears the speculation of severe stress in the Hermit Kingdom appear to be correct.

From the Guardian
The European commission is to give €10m (£9m) in urgent food aid to North Koreans on the brink of starvation, after negotiating for "unprecedented access" to ensure that the food goes straight to those most in need.
With North Korea on the ropes I wouldn't be surprised to see some sabre rattling and more than your usual number of threats and provocations in the near future.  South Korea recently winning the 2018 Winter Olympics bid provides North Korean a new 'delicate' target to threaten as well. 

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