Wednesday, March 17, 2010

About this blog

I started writing this blog with several goals in mind:  Producing work for consumption by others forces one to collect and present your thoughts in a slightly more organized manner as well as be more diligent in checking your facts and figures.  This is similiar to the few occasions I have taught or presented material in an academic setting. As this was very long ago I fear my meagre writing skills have deteriorated since then. Writing a blog will hopefully improve those rusty skills.

There are numerous blogs posting an almost infinite amount of data and opinions on the web.  If the blogosphere is concentrating on a topic I will very likely NOT comment upon it as you have most likely already read about it elsewhere.  No need to waste our time repeating the hot news of the day. 

Right now I anticipate I will blog mostly about various data series I keep up with and some short commentary on the data.  I'll occasionally post my opinions about various events or predicitions but I'll keep my posts short and to the point (I may digress but I'll try to restrain myself)  I am not a verbose writer and like myself you are probably overwhelmed with data and opinions on the markets. 

I am a fee only financial advisor and money manager in Tacoma, Washington, USA  Here is my long term track record so if you are looking to pay someone please consider me.  (That's the end of my pitch)

This blog is not to be construed as financial advice by any stretch of the imagination. I do not know your financial needs or desires, your cash flow needs, your debt level, current and future tax rates, your tolerance for risk, what country you live in, how many kids you have, how variable your income flows are, etc.  Don't come crying to me if I say I'm buying or selling something and the trade blows up on you.

I'm NOT going to tell you my total portfolio make up.  I will not however tell you to buy something if I'm short it or closing out my position.  That's called being unethical. 

Almost all my posts will not be edited or revised later.  There are a few exceptions (like this post) and a few others which will be living documents but these will be marked as such.   While I may make spelling or grammatical changes within a short time after posting I intend this blog to be a record of my thoughts over time. (If I do make edits beyond spelling or typos it will be duly noted as such in the entry.)

Please make comments or ask questions!  The blogosphere is great for connecting with others to share research or honestly debate situations.  While I'm a busy guy I'll try to at least respond to your queries.

[edited 2010 08 17 to clean up some prose]

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