Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Real time Geiger counter in Tokyo

While trolling around the internet attempting to find hard data on what sort of radiation levels we are seeing in Japan I found this site where someone is graphing radiation levels in real time in Tokyo.

The site is in Japanese but you can translate it using google translate or other services available on the web.   While the graph shown does show an increase in radiation levels it is only ~4 times the background level which is very minimal.  This is good news compared to the other reports coming out of Japan regarding the radiation leaking from the stricken nuclear plants.  It is important to get factual data about what sort of radiation levels are being detected and where and unfortunately it has been hard to find so far.

 If you can pass along any quantitative data I'd appreciate it.

ht: http://bravenewclimate.com/2011/03/15/fukushima-15-march-summary/#comment-115804


  1. if meltdown occurs, probly bring down our fiat house of cards,greg.

    in related info $7tril cost of reducing earth temp ONE degree:


  2. above message (scott) from boatman

  3. Pfft. Give me a couple billion and the ability to add a little payload to all military trans oceanic flights and I can lower earth temps quicker and cheaper!

    Load up cannisters with volcanic ash. Over oceans have planes release the volcanic ash at altitude. The ash will block a portion of the visible spectrum and cool the earth. After major eruptions the earth perceptibly cools. We can use that process as well!