Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japanese nuclear situation interviews

Again the power of social media reveals itself.  There is a multi part interview series here
of a retired Navy and civilian nuclear engineer which I highly recommend you listen to.  He does an excellent job laying out the facts of what we know and don't know as time has progressed through this emergency.

I'm not going to comment/report/speculate on the current news of the moment regarding the nuclear situation in Japan as its changing so often and right now the news flow from Japan is sparse as it is night time over there.  In a few hours we'll have another update on what is going on.  If you listen to the interviews above you can get a sense of the unfolding situation and how Mr. Mervine predicted the fuel rod storage problem.  Hopefully the 3 active plants will be successfully cooled down and the fuel rod storage situation in the 3 (#4,#5,#6) non active plants will be contained.

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