Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More on China's empty cities

One problem with satellite photos is you don't know what has happened since taken. One may legitimately posit an apartment complex that looks empty in the image may now be filled to capacity and teeming with life.  A recent expose by a journalist on the ground demolishes those theories.

Watch the video and see the numerous empty towers of apartments. It's a pre-made ghost town.

Here's one insta-city I found a few weeks ago: Chenggong aka Kunming

What is most impressive about the apartment complex shown is how they built the entire place without adding any roads yet.  Hopefully they'll get around to it. Zoom out and look around (both north and east) and you can see the scale of this new city.  Like the video above almost all of this new Chenggong appears unused.

Take a look at the photos from this area. (Panoramio link) and see all the buildings going up and completely empty roads.  There's just too many completely empty homes and roads devoid of life.

ht:  Also Sprach Analyst


  1. Video was crazy. Someone explain how the toy store "owner" pays the rent (if any) or buys supplies or food. He averages less than one sale a day? I can understand a real estate bubble (people over invest and take a loss), but how can a store stay in business in an empty mall? Are shops also subsidized?

  2. Yeah. I was wondering the same thing. I saw the previous video on the supermall and they really did not design the infrastructure around it well either. There are no highways or airports to move people into and out of the mall.

  3. since their banks have loaned money to build these trojan horses....and their banks are all govmint...going to be one helluva yuan revaluation come pop day.