Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Copper data dump

I've been building up some copper related links.  Here it is:

Majority of Chile's export currency comes from copper

LME is rasing storage rates on inventory.  Why do this if there is a paucity of material?  High demand raises prices, low demand lowers prices

Good overview of Copper fundamentals

Commodities as a financial asset.  While the article is about Aluminum the same mechanism is under way in copper, oil, etc.

From March 2,  2010 Fast Money
The folks on the desk suddenly noticed copper inventories in China surging.  I'll have more on this later but the trend has reversed declining and is starting to work back up again . . .  Copper discussion starts around 5:25 and goes to 10:40

Copper inventories going up in China. 

A good article and reference on cancelled warrants:

Copper mine strike in Mexico deemed illegal, the cops may be brought in to bust the strike.
Mine is partially owned by Southern Copper, produced 166k tonnes in 2006

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