Monday, January 18, 2010

Betting markets are predicting a win for Brown in Massachusetts -- What does this mean?

The betting site shows Scott Brown leading in the special election for the vacant Senate seat in Massachusetts.  (The image is a static picture and does not show the current odds, click on the link above to get a current number)

While there has been much talk regarding this being the '60th Senate vote that will stop health care' I believe more attention should be paid to the House.  Health care passed by the slimmist of margins in the House and Mr. Brown's strong showing in a very Blue State most likely has quite a number of  Democratic House members quaking in fear. 

It does not matter if Brown wins now, even a close defeat may be enough to scare some House members into not voting for the health care bill.

Politics is not my strong suite and I'll try to avoid discussing it as much as possible.  This event just struck me as interesting due to the predictions markets opinion and the ramifications of one Senate vote.  Please no hate mail regarding one party being better than another.   I prefer neither party and hold my nose when I vote.


  1. Ted Kennedy isn't even cold in the ground and he must be turning over in his grave at the polling for his former seat.

  2. May you live in interesting times. This turn of events is HUGE. If Scot Brown can win in the bluest of blue states that means every seat in both houses is up for grabs.