Thursday, November 20, 2014

Weather and Energy - Hurricane free for another year

The continental US made it another year without a hurricane making landfall. (Winter snow storms are another matter!)

How many more years will the US extend this streak before we get slammed by another one? I have no idea, but it will eventually happen.

A lack of past volatility can lull people into a false sense of security and that's when one can lose quite a bit of money (and lives as well as property in this case)

Some are even opining (Washington Post, 2014 October 7) the recent lack of hurricanes creates a dangerous future situation, and there's some credence to that.

The catastrophic bond market is something I've examined over the years as an alternative asset class but haven't invested any capital in this area yet. We've been in a relatively benign environment and pricing for risk has dropped in this area (sound familiar?)  I'd rather wait for a some 'volatility' to re-enter the system before dipping my toe into this area. examines this a little more

We've been recently lucky with hurricanes. This will eventually end.

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