Monday, August 8, 2011

Risk: As described by Chanos, Hendry and Gundlach

Some videos new and old which may provide some perspective on the recent downgrade of America by Standard and Poors and the current market thrashing.
I could attempt to write something eloquent but I'm busy right now. Instead I'll refer you to some successful investors voicing their opinions.

Chanos talking about credit ratings versus CDS rates

Gundlach on how the US will never not pay its debt, it just may pay its debt back with devalued currency

A series by Hugh Hendry from late last year which I don't believe I have published before.  Considering the current market thrashing I think the discussion is important.
part 1:
part 2:

ht: HistorySquared


  1. greg,talk about the straw and the camels back.....

    we have had a paradigm change.

    gold has surpassed the dollar and now is equal w/US bonds(actually thats pretty funny) as a safe haven.

    man, if thats not life.....everythings the same n the same n th-----........and alluva sudden it isn't anymore ...even if you KNEW it was coming....BAMMMMM

  2. Gold will continue to do will until short term real rates are negative. Until then I have a sneaky suspicion the gold market will continue to 'amaze'