Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekend linkage

Here's some weekend reading/listening for you.  I really should do this more often so you can see what I'm looking at:

Saudi Arabia going ahead with building 16 nukes:  Even after Fukushima they have decided to go ahead.

Why didn't Fukushima #2 (Daini) meltdown as well?  Very interesting ideas as to why the second power plant complex did not have the problems #1 (Daiichi) experienced.  It may be merely luck and location or it may be the newer powerplant designs.

Nuclear regulatory issues.  Obviously a very large problem as a 'captured' regulator can allow serious problems to develop.

Carmen Reinhart discusses financial repression in developed economies.  If you think short term rates will rise shortly I think you are wrong.  Financial repression is a broad term but a clear example is keeping short term interest rates below inflation (a negative real rate) This slowly inflates away the debt problem.  Will America and Western Europe be able to pull it off?

China's empty cities, again -- A more recent article on Ordos' empty new city

China's debt writeoffs are just the beginning -- The opera of excessive credit growth and very lax underwriting standards is starting to get to the good part.

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