Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Late Night Linkage

Postings have been light due to some business related demands.  Here's some links to my recent reads from the last few days.

Vuvuzela -- Will it blend? Youtube

Telegraph - did BIS gold swap spook the markets?

From Chinadaily - Property restrictions continue.
Chinadaily - Home price appreciation slows.
Chinadaily - Rate of lending slows in China.

From CalculatedRisk - A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can wipe away a 2nd lien.

From FT -- The financialization of commodities.

From Hellenicshipping - A lot of spare LNG ships standing idle.

Globe and Mail - Canada exporting lumber to China.

Sovereign debt
CalculatedRisk - How much debt is there and what is the probability of default?  It's a multi part series. Good stuff.
GMO - White paper on defaults in history. Very good. Intend to write longer blog post about this.

BP / Oill spill
WSJ - BP has replaced old cap, trying new one in an attempt to stop leak.  (This is at least 24 hours old.)

Telegraph - Legal challenges to bailout of Greece.
WSJ - Moody's downgrades Portugal.

Annaly - The debt deleveraging continues.

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