Thursday, June 24, 2010

I was only joking about Greece selling islands!

I was only kidding!
When I joked (here and here) about Greece selling off some islands it was entirely in jest.

Evidently Greece is now putting numerous islands up for sale in an attempt to pay down some of their debt. From the Guardian:

Now Greece is making it easier for the rich and famous to fulfill their dreams by preparing to sell, or offering long-term leases on, some of its 6,000 sunkissed islands in a desperate attempt to repay its mountainous debts.
Only 227 Greek islands are populated and the decision to press ahead with potential sales has also been driven by the inability of the state to develop basic infrastructure, or police most of its islands. The hope is that the sale or long-term lease of some islands will attract investment that will generate jobs and taxable income.

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