Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another update on China housing -- price and transaction volume falling

The Chinese government continues clamping down on housing rules and regulations.  If the final new article in this post is accurate the results are quite impressive.

May 6 - China Daily
Chinese developer Evergrande Real Estate Group on Thursday started to offer a 15 percent discount on prices of its 40 property projects across the country to promote sales amid government tightening measures to cool down the red-hot sector, Shanghai Securities News reported.
May 5 - China Daily
Average daily transactions of completed apartments in Beijing dropped to two units during the three-day holiday, down 96 percent year-on-year, and that of homes yet to be constructed fell 35 percent to 205 units, according to Beijing Real Estate Transaction website. Compared with April, the transaction volume decreased more than 80 percent.
May 7 - Imarketnews
BEIJING (MNI) - China's housing market is reeling from a government effort designed to clamp down on rampant speculation and surging house prices, with potential buyers running to the sidelines as the level of uncertainty rises.
The sales center for C-King Towers should have been teeming with life last Sunday, with potential buyers cramming the room to snap up units in the mid-to-high end residential development on the north side of Beijing's Third Ring Road. That would certainly have been the case before the middle of last month.
But on Sunday it was a virtual ghost town; two receptionists chatted above the hum of the rap music being pumped into the room to entice non-existent buyers. Rows of tables draped in brown velvet, which should have been the setting for dealmaking, stood unoccupied.

And finally, after volume slows to a stop prices start falling:
May 11 - China Daily
According to Yahao Real Estate, a Beijing-based property brokerage firm, the city's residential housing cost averaged 16,898 yuan per square meter from May 3 to 9, fell 9.60 percent from a week earlier and declined 31.43 percent from the week ( April 4 to 11) before the policy has been taken, the newspaper said.
While this is only 'anecdotal' evidence on a certain level it certainly is powerful reading if accurate.  As my previous posts have alluded to the Chinese government wants to clamp down on housing speculation.  Considering their capabilities it is going to happen.  Whether in an elegant or destructive manner is yet to be determined. 

I'm starting to watch rebar and wire rod prices in China.  I'll give you an update once I have enough data.

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