Friday, March 5, 2010

Home loan delinquencies continue hockey sticking

Here's some additional news to reiterate what I mentioned yesterday....

Both the percentage of people behind on their mortages and the number of homes owned by the GSE's continues to climb.   I was hoping that some of these data points would start to at least level off but alas I'm too optimistic.

To quote calculatedriskblog:

Even with all the delays in foreclosure, the REO inventory has increased sharply over the last two quarters, from 135,868 at the end of Q2 2009, to 153,007 in Q3 2009, and 172,357 at the end of Q4 2009.

Fannie Mae reported last week that the rate of serious delinquencies - at least 90 days behind - for conventional loans in its single-family guarantee business increased to 5.38% at the end of December, up from 5.29% in November - and up from 2.42% in December 2008.
Until both of these data series start to actually decline real (inflation adjusted) home prices will not appreciably go up. 

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