Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Drugstore.com and Complete savings scam followup

I recently posted about drugstore.com and the Complete Savings post transaction scam. Apparently it is rather widespread and even the US Senate has noticed.    Please go to the Consumer Reports blog and see how this is unfortunately very widespread. 

I don't intend this to be a consumer safety blog but this sort of behaviour just chaps my hide.  One of the cornerstones of any corporation should be respect for the customer and their ability to trust you with their purchase and your products.  It's part of the 'brand'.   These scams destroys trust in the consumers whom you have finally convinced to buy from you. Short term thinking like this will seriously harm your corporation in the long term.  Cut it out!

On an interesting side note I received an email within 24 hours from Complete Savings after my first post on the matter explaining how the transaction occured.  Telling me in detail how I was deceived does not defend your actions.  Why don't you spend your time coming up with techniques to sell your services that aren't deceptive?


  1. Just a question on the Table of post transaction marketing stats:
    Is there any differentiation in the table between companies who received revenue via "deliberate consumer Opt-in" post-transaction marketing versus those who just "Opted customers in on their behalf"?


  2. I believe it is all the former and non of the latter.