Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home foreclosures and delinquencies accelerating

In my previous postings I may have appeared a bit negative on future home prices and suspicious of the optimistic feelings exuded in the popular media regarding the housing market. Here's some reasons why.

Both graphs show functionally the same data but from different sources and slightly different methodologies. The coming flood of home foreclosures will further erode consumer wealth, bank balance sheets, home prices and consumer confidence. That's just some of the primary effects.

Graph #1 is from Paper Economy blog and shows loans on Fannie Mae's books that are seriously delinquent.

Graph #2 from Calculated Risk blog provides a slightly more granular look at similiar data from a different source, showing both mortgages delinquent and in foreclosure. I recommend you check both blog entries.

Look at the graphs and you will see the foreclosure crisis is getting worse, not better.

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